Posted on: March 7, 2009 8:43 pm

Why am I so worked up about T.O.?

You would think someone from the AFC North would make me this crazy.  Or someone ripping the Steelers everytime someone posts about them, or writes a column about them, but T.O. just drives me nuts.  I remember elementary school teachers telling my parents, "he can do it if he would just try".  I'm doing pretty good now, despite what they said all those years ago.  Maybe I just hate to see a great talent go to waiste.  Mr. Owens certainly has the skills, the only wide receiver to have at least 10 touchdowns the last three seasons, you can't deny that.  He also ranks with the best all time in stats, he has HOF numbers.  But.....T.O. has played for three teams now.  He has left three teams in termoil.  He will not take blame for leaving three teams in that state.  So why does an NFL team think T.O. is the answer?  He is the missing link to a championship?  No.  He hasn't won one of those.  Dallas didn't win a post season game with T.O., so he could have scored three touchdowns and it wouldn't have mattered.  Relationships.  It's funny how the only team mates who come to his side are defense.  Recievers seem to like him as well.  I don't think the defense really cares, and most recievers are younger than him, he is old you know, and are impressionable.  When was the last time you heard a QB or O-lineman say "T.O. is not at fault"?  Anyway, I'm glad the Steelers are smarter, I hope the Bills are thick skined, T.O. is lucky the HOF is based on numbers, and I'm pretty sure his elementary teacher said "doesn't get along well with others".

Posted on: February 21, 2009 8:42 pm

Why Wide Receivers?

I'm so tired of wide receivers.  I know the NFL wants points on the boards, but why are these guys such a pain?  When did the wide receiver turn into such a prima donna, and who is to blame?

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